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I appreciate you investing your time with me. These transformational tools and concepts are powerful. My wish is that you manifest the same windfall of blessings and treasures that I received from putting them to work. for me. 

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Download Your Magic Mindset Mechanism Tools

"The Magic Mindset mechanism WORKS for those who put it to work"

START HERE: The Promise Card Worksheet

This worksheet guides you through each step of creating and using "The Promise," encouraging introspection, goal setting, and a deep emotional connection with your true birthright potential.

Life Purpose Discovery Worksheet

This worksheet is crafted to guide you in the "Magic Mindset Mechanism" workshop through a journey of introspection, helping you to unearth your inner magical passions, strengths, and aspirations.

Self-Hypnosis Session Worksheet

Use this worksheet as a guide to customize your self-hypnosis session to your unique goal. The power of this exercise lies in creating a vivid and personal mental image that aligns closely with what you aim to achieve

I truly appreciate YOU

and look forward to hearing about your magical results.

Your Personal Mission Statement Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help bring clarity and focus, serving as a foundation for personal and professional growth.

The Pyramid Of Priorities Planning Pages

Inspired by Eisenhower's quadrants, the pyramid's visual hierarchy naturally aligns with the subconscious, simplifying task prioritization, reducing mental load, enhancing focus, and optimizing productivity for success. CLICK HERE for explanation of the Planning pages.

Self-Hypnosis Hacks Guidebook

Eliminate any UNWANTED HABIT or adopt any NEW SUCCESS HABIT in 30 days or less!


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The Magic Mindset

/'majik/ /min(d)set noun

1. Encompasses the established set of thought processes, attitudes, beliefs, and convictions held by someone that makes it possible to conceive, believe and achieve the seemingly impossible.

2. A cognitive and emotional state of peace, prosperity, and personal power fostering a deep sense of gratitude, joy, and harmony with God, the universe, and all living beings.

3. Transcends mere positive thinking by instilling the inspiration and determination to formulate plans and take unwavering action towards seemingly insurmountable objectives, firmly convinced that their realization is not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN.

4. Can be cultivated through the acquisition and application of a set of principles and practices that empower individuals to manifest their ambitions into reality.